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About Us

"Axe Fire Protection works towards building a safe and secure community by implementing Professional Fire Protection Services."

Over 3,000 building-related fires occur each year in Alberta alone. Since 2008, Axe Fire Protection has been dedicated to ensuring Albertans and their property are safe & well prepared for emergencies such as fires, intruders, power outages, etc.

Axe Fire Protection has the experience and processes to offer the Complete Fire Protection & Suppression Service. Thanks to 15 years of experience working with Building Managers & Fire Departments, we specialize in the Installation, Inspection, Testing and Repair/Maintenance of all Fire Protection & Life Safety Systems. In addition to securing commercial & residential property as a certified Notifier Fire Alarm Systems distributor, we also sell Fire Alarms, Sprinkler Systems & Fire Extinguishers.

We are here and ready, with a customer service-focused staff to help you along the way. Trust us to maintain your Fire and Life Safety Systems with integrity, so you can focus on managing the other essential things in life.