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Fire Alarm Systems

A Fire Alarm System is a crucial part of any Fire Protection and Life Safety plan. These systems utilize initiating & indicating devices to send signals to Fire Panels, which then alert us of emergencies so that we can take action to protect ourselves, staff and occupants. At Axe Fire Protection, we work with the latest technology to create purposeful designs that meet your safety and regulatory requirements. Additionally, we are experts in performing complete Fire Alarm System Inspections.

Being a certified NOTIFIER By Honeywell Distributor and having an extensive network of suppliers allows us to use reliable world-class products for a wide range of buildings, applications and industries. Are you looking to purchase Fire Alarm System parts? We have you covered with our Online Inventory & Parts Request Form.

Let us provide you with a complete Fire Alarm System Inspections or cost-effective solutions that aims to upgrade and retain your building's existing infrastructure.