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Fire Extinguishers

Our technicians have the training to provide you with the correct manufacturer's annual or monthly Fire Extinguisher maintenance inspections. We also provide 6-year & 12-year Hydrostatictesting maintenance service. Axe Fire Protection will confirm that the Fire Extinguisher's agent and the propellant gas are to the manufacturer's standard during our thorough examination of your fire extinguishers' mechanical parts. Our shop also offers Fire Extinguisher recharge and bracket fitting.

After our inspection, we will perform any seal replacements as required to ensure the extinguisher meets the Alberta Fire Code Certification and provide the appropriate tagging and report.

Axe Fire Protection Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Recharge

Commercial Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguishers play a crucial role in Building Safety, Fire Prevention, and Protection. A Fire Extinguisher can be an essential tool in containing or putting out minor fires.

Axe Fire Protection offers a variety of Fire Extinguisher types and can pair you with the correctly rated extinguisher depending on your use.
Help protect the important things in life and your business from fire emergencies with the addition of a Fire Extinguisher.

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