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Fire Pump Inspection

NFPA and Local Fire Departments require diesel and electric fire pumps to be run and maintained with proper maintenance and testing records.

"The team at Axe Fire Protection keeps you up to date on all the various national and local codes and best practices for Fire Pump Inspections."

Firefighting Water Pumps work in conjunction with Fire Sprinkler Systems to deliver the adequate amount of pressure needed to protect your property from irreversible damage. In the case of an emergency, Axe Fire Protection is here to ensure that your Fire Pump System is tested & maintained and working when needed.

Axe Fire Protection Fire Pump Installation & Repair

Fire Pump Installation & Repair

Per NFPA 20, a Fire Pump System is designed to protect life and property by providing adequate pressure to Fire Sprinkler Systems. Our experienced technicians can select and install Fire Pumps to ensure that systems will work as intended to deliver sufficient and reliable water supplies in a Fire Emergency.

Axe Fire Protection Fire Pump Installation & Repair