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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

With over 57% of all restaurant fires originating from cooking equipment, it's crucial to have a well-designed Kitchen Fire Suppression System.

At Axe Fire Protection, our certified experts' design and install Suppression Systems to protect a wide variety of kitchen appliances, such as stoves or deep fat fryers. Axe Fire Protection also tests and inspects large commercial kitchens and small restaurants Range Hoods to ensure that the work is performed correctly and compliant with applicable Alberta Fire Codes, NFPA Codes and manufacturer specifications.

Protect your business with Axe Fire Protection!

Axe Fire Protection kitchen fire suppression systems

Dedicated Fire Suppression Systems

By nature, water can cause irreversible damage to some property types, such as electronics, areas like server rooms, semiconductor manufacturing or paint booth facilities.

Axe Fire Protection uses a combination of experts and versatile Suppression Systems to help ensure that vital assets are protected and safe in the event of a fire emergency. Certified Install, Repair & Maintance Available.

Server Room Fire Suppression Protection System