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Complete Inspections

Our team has the experience, training, equipment and expertise to perform inspections on all Fire Alarm Protection Systems and Devices. We provide a detailed report of our findings and identify any issues and items of concern. Inspections are guided by the Alberta Fire Code and Fire Departments' requirements. Our Fire Inspections and Investigations team can assist you with fire safety planning and ensuring you comply with the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition)​.

We provide our clients peace of mind knowing that their Fire Alarm Protection Systems and Devices have been accurately assessed and investigated.

Axe Fire Protection Edmonton Fire Inspection

Complete Fire Protection and Life Safety Inspections

Fire Alarm System

In adherence with the Alberta Fire Code, we perform Annual Inspections & Testing for your Fire Alarm Systems.

+Verification of all devices.
+Verification of system reporting to a monitoring station

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Fire Sprinkler Systems

By following the NFPA 13, 14 and 25 standards, Axe Fire ensures that your Fire Sprinkler Systems are inspected and in perfect working condition. After verification with compliance code, we'll Tag & Report.

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Fire Extinguishers

Axe Fire, we'll ensure that your Fire Hydrants & Extinguishers are inspected and fully operational. 

Flow Testing & Flushing (Hydrants) + 6 Year Maintenance / Hydro Testing / Seal Replacements (Extinguishers)

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Suppression Systems

Specializing in Commercial Kitchens, Specialized Rooms (ex: Data Rooms) and Range Hood System.

-System Inspections
-Replacement of Fusible Links
-Verification of Gas Shut Off Valve
-Replacement of Actuator

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Backflow Preventers

Axe Fire performs emergency Backflow repairs and offer annual testing. After we ensure local municipality water utility requirements are met. We'll file the reports electronically to the local authority (where available).

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Fire Pumps

Our Fire Pump inspection process follows the NFPA 20 & Alberta Fire Code. We perform:

Annual, monthly and weekly performance/pump run service. Visual inspection of fluids. Verification piping meets NFPA requirements.

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