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Installations & Design

At Axe Fire Protection, we have factory-certified technicians with over 20 years of experience in Fire Alarm Installation, Sprinkler Systems & Suppression Systems. Our in-house design experts will handle everything from code-compliant design to engineering and permits. Additionally, an extensive network of suppliers provides us with the necessary tools and equipment to complete installation and design tasks right the first time. You can trust us to install or design your Fire Alarm, Sprinkler System & Suppression System in a timely manner. 

Axe Fire Protection Edmonton Calgary Alarm, Sprinkler, SuppressionInstallation

Repair & Maintenance

Our Fire Protection Repair & Maintenance service is offered to all broken, worn-out, or faulty building components. Repairs include Fire Alarm Systems,Fire Sprinkler Systems,Fire Hydrantsetc. Repairs may be required to address anticipated breakdowns or correct minor issues. The intention is to replace components with the same or equivalent components.

Axe Fire Protection is also highly skilled in Renovations, Retrofits and Tenant Improvements.

Axe Fire Protection Sprinkler Installation Repair

Installation Process

  • Plan

    Information about the building and its intended occupancy is collected. Contractors and Engineers prepare detailed Fire Protection specifications.

  • Design

    Our Fire Protection contractors prepare the design drawings and review them with the building representatives.

  • Install

    The installation will only begin when written approval has been obtained from all review agencies.

  • Evaluation

    All parties review that the design and installation specifications of the fire protection system have been met. Additionally, testing and safeguards can accrue after installation.