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Fire Extinguishers & Fire Drills Training

Axe Fire Protection offers training that will ensure that Occupants/Property Managers and their associated staff have the knowledge and experience to protect themselves from fire-related emergencies and how to safely operate Fire Prevention Systems.

Fire Extinguisher Training

We review the chemistry of each fire, the type of fire and how to select the correct fire extinguisher. For each extinguisher, we will go over the appropriate handling and utilization.

All participants are provided with a course certificate upon completion. – the OH&S compliance is a part of their employment record.

Fire Drill Training

Staff must participate in a comprehensive life safety program. A fire drill provides the necessary practical application of the training, reinforcing it in a simulated situation while analyzing and critiquing the result. We can plan and simulate the fire drill and ensure the fire department and alarm monitoring company are informed of the drill ensuring no false alarms.